Charitable Accord Urges Participation with Senate Legislative Discussion Draft

Charitable Accord Urges Participation with Senate Legislative Discussion Draft

News story posted in Governance on 15 December 2004| comments
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On December 10th, the Senate Finance Committee released a legislative discussion draft that would enact new oversight and governance standards for charities, and charged Independent Sector with convening a panel to comment formally on the plan. Today, Charitable Accord, a nonprofit organization that works in the interests of charitable organizations on legislative matters urged interested parties to review the proposal and respond with their comments.

Full Text from Charitable Accord:

Your Help is Needed: Please Review and Comment on Major Proposal

As previous updates have mentioned, the powerful Senate Finance Committee continues to express interest in enacting new oversight and governance standards for charities. Although the timetable is uncertain, the prospect of legislative action on these issues is high. This congressional initiative provides both a potential opportunity and problem for most charities. In essence, the specific form these new laws take will determine whether they dramatically improve operating standards for charities and increase public confidence, or become an inefficient regulatory nightmare that drains resources from solving social problems.

You can play a part in determining which direction these new standards take. The Senate Finance Committee has released a discussion draft of what the legislative package might look like, and charged Independent Sector (a major group representing charities) with convening a panel to formally comment on specific elements. This panel has now been set up, and includes many top leaders of major charities. To access a copy of the Senate proposal and information on the panel, just click here:

Please take a moment to review the proposal and offer any thoughts you may have about specific or general issues associated with improving governance and oversight for your organization and others like it. Comments should be sent to Given the panel's tight deadline, time is of the essence, so please respond as soon as possible.

Charitable Accord is an umbrella organization working in the interests of charitable organizations on legislative matters. Among other activities, we issue "Washington Updates" to give top non-profit executives the most up to date news possible on legislative activity. Additionally, we periodically publish "Legislative Alerts" on fast moving issues where immediate action on behalf of the non-profit community is needed. For further information, go to

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